Presenter Information

Meet the Authors  

You must be registered for vIITSEC to participate in the Meet the Author sessions. Once the site goes live, meet the author discussion groups will be active all day, however the “meet” times will be 1630 – 1800.

Upon arrival in the virtual platform, please follow the following trail to guide you to the discussion groups.

  • Click on the networking tab at the top
  • Click on Chat and Discussion groups
  • Click on Discussion groups
  • Join your discussion group (assigned per subcommittee, on live days everything will be Join)
  • Start engaging!

View a How to Guide here.

Dress Code

Branch  Conference & General Sessions 
Army  ACUs or Duty Uniform
Marine Corps  Service "C"
Navy  Service Khaki, Navy Service Uniform
Air Force  Blues (Short or Long Sleeve)
Coast Guard  Tropical Blue Long
Civilian  Business Attire