We are excited to announce our vIITSEC Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) events for 2020! We are hosting four tracks of programming for teachers, students, and others engaged in STEM academics. Teacher workshops, student leadership activities, virtual tours, and virtual field trips will all be a part of the STEM event during vIITSEC. The STEM events will occur on 30 November – 1 December of vIITSEC week, with content available on-demand throughout the rest of the week. 

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Concurrent with vIITSEC, we are planning a week of STEM activities for teachers and students across the country. Classroom activities, scheduled between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm EST on the Monday and Tuesday of the conference, will include:  

  • A career panel of experts guiding students interested in STEM careers.
  • Tours of booths, companies, and Government agencies focused on modeling and simulation technologies including virtual reality, gaming, virtual environments, and advanced technologies for learning and teaching.
  • Opportunities to participate in our STEM Pavilion hosting national programs and activities that students and teachers can become involved with.
  • Presentations and demonstrations by high school students who have worked in teams on projects using technology and simulation to solve real world problems in competitions around the country.
  • Tours of labs around the country, such as medical simulation labs and engineering labs who will describe their research and programs. 

For teachers, there will be special sessions on Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00 pm EST with hands-on teacher training opportunities. All programs will also be recorded and available for the remainder of STEM Week. 

For a complete schedule of events and to register for any or all of the events of STEM Week at vIIITSEC, please visit us at All STEM Week activities are free for students and teachers. Teachers who register early for STEM Week will also have the opportunity to obtain a complimentary registration to vIITSEC. We look forward to seeing you for STEM Week at vIITSEC!

University-Focused Events

Concurrent with vIITSEC, we have scheduled a series of events focused specifically on university faculty and researchers. These events will include: 

  • A panel discussion of expert senior academic faulty to address the importance of participation in IITSEC to support professional development, publication, and presentations.
  • A panel discussion with senior Government officials to discuss opportunities for federal funding to support university-based research.
  • A short discussion of the Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional Program (CMSP) which is a professional certification for those whose research in in this domain. 
  • An open dialog on to help define future research requirements to advance the Army’s training capabilities through the use of Extended Reality (xR) and related technologies.

For a complete schedule of events, and to register for these meetings on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 during vIITSEC week, please visit us at These meetings are free for all university personnel not registered for vIITSEC. We also encourage registration at vIITSEC to take advantage of all conference activities. We look forward to seeing you for the University Cohort events at vIITSEC!