Continuing Education Units: A vIITSEC Opportunity

Continuing Education Units (CEU) were established in 1970 to create a unit of measurement to quantify continuing education and training activities. CEUs apply to technical and educational settings such as vIITSEC. The primary focus of vIITSEC is to highlight innovative implementation of simulation and education technologies as tools to achieve cost efficient training and increased military readiness. Therefore, CEUs are offered for all Tutorials and Paper Sessions; CEUs are managed and maintained by the University of Central Florida, Division of Continuing Education.

Why should I earn CEUs at vIITSEC?

  • Participation in the tutorials, papers for CEU credit reinforces your commitment to remain current in the evolving technologies relating to training and simulation.
  • The CEU transcript indicates your active participation in the technical program of the conference to your employer.
  • Previous attendees have indicated that CEUs have assisted them in securing approval to attend the conference.

What sessions are CEU Eligible?

  • All Tutorials and Papers are CEU eligible.
  • Who may attend these events? The Paper and Tutorial Sessions are limited to registered conference attendees.
  • Does attending mean I automatically receive CEU credits? No. You have to let us know, via your registration, that you are interested in the credits. There is a $45 charge, payable during registration. You may also register separately for the CEUs if you missed this step in your conference registration process.

How do I receive CEUs at vIITSEC?

1. Be sure you are appropriately registered (you can confirm when you check in onsite) for CEU credits.
2. Login to your account in the Attendee Service Center on the virtual platform.
3. Once available, add all the Paper/Tutorial Sessions you plan to view into your profile, under My Sessions. 
4. Once on the virtual platform you may also continue to add Papers/Tutorials to your account inside the auditorium by clicking on “Add to my agenda.”
5. All sessions must be added before vIITSEC closes on Friday 4 December.
6. Your sessions will then be sent to UCF for processing of your CEUs.
7. Your CEU transcript will come to you via the University of Central Florida, Division of Continuing Education. Ten contact hours equate to one CEU credit.


Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition workforce members are expected to earn Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) to stay current in leadership and functional acquisition skills that augment the minimum education, training and experience standards established for certification purposes within their acquisition career fields. It is each acquisition member’s responsibility to meet the goal of 40 CLPs each year and to meet the mandatory requirement of 80 CLPs every two years. Acquisition Professional Activities are allowed to count toward CLPs. CLPs are awarded in accordance with DoD-wide guidelines as augmented by Service-specific policies. vIITSEC provides an excellent opportunity for the DoD acquisition workforce members to earn mandatory CLPs.