Best Paper & Best Tutorial

Best Paper Nominees


ID: 20236

Subcommittee: Education

Title: Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training: A Blended Approach for Lifelong Leaning

Authors: Matthew Hackett, Combat Capabilities Development Command - Soldier Center; Carl Schulman, University of Miami; Derek Lawrence, Allogy; Joseph Cohn, Defense Health Agency
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ID: 20314

Subcommittee: ECIT

Title: Enhancing Naval Enterprise Readiness through Augmented Reality Knowledge Extraction

Authors: Victoria Claypoole, Design Interactive, Inc.; Christina Padron, Design Interactive, Inc.; Kay Stanney, Design Interactive; Ray Perez, Office of Naval Research
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ID: 20502

Subcommittee: HPAE

Title: Towards the Development of an Automated, Real-Time, Objective Measure of Situation Awareness for Pilots

Authors: Sandro Scielzo, L3Harris; Justin Wilson, AT&T Center for Virtualization; Eric Larson, Southern Methodist University
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ID: 20282

Subcommittee: PSMA

Title: Quantifying Future Return on Investment of Live, Virtual, Constructive Training

Authors: Jeffery Bergenthal, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; William Brobst, JHU/APL; Rodney Yerger, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Garrett Loeffelman, TECOM (RTPD)
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ID: 20355

Subcommittee: Simulation

Title: Virtual Living Room: Bridging the Physical Distance with Virtual Reality

Authors: Andrew Rukangu, The University of Georgia; Kelsey Mattingly, University of Georgia; Anton Franzluebbers, University of Georgia; Alexander Tuttle, University of Georgia; Catherine O'Neal, University of Georgia; Dawn Robinson, University of Georgia; Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, University of Georgia; Kyle Johnsen, University of Georgia
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ID: 20399

Subcommittee: Training

Title: Neuro-optimization for accelerated learning pace and elevated comprehension: Military Applications

Authors: JJ Walcutt, Ph.D; Cort Horton, Ph.D.; Dhiraj Jeyanandarajan, M.D.; Col Walt Yates (Ret); QNeuro
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Best Tutorial Nominees


ID: 2006

Title: A Comprehensive Introduction to Medical Simulation

Authors: Roger Smith, Modelbenders, LLC; Danielle Julian, AdventHealth Nicholson Center
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ID: 20042

Title: Fundamentals of Adaptive Instructional Systems (AISs)

Authors: Robert Sottilare, SoarTech; Jeanine DeFalco, U.S. Army CCDC-STTC
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ID: 20032

Title: Understanding and Applying cmi5 in an xAPI Solution

Authors: Andy Johnson, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative (SETA Contractor); Miguel Hernandez, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative (SETA Contractor); Art Werkenthin, RISC, Inc.
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